october in Season


Summer Corn Salad

Summer evening creatures sing louder tonight. An early September moon and citronella candles light the back patio as I write about savoring summer produce. Wait - when did it start becoming dark at 7:45pm? And, where did these crispy, brown leaves fall from?


Squash Blossoms

Feel like eating some edible flowers packed with Vitamin A? Pick-up a bunch of orange squash blossoms to stuff and fry. I went Italian with my filling, but the blossoms are versatile and also used in Mexican cooking.



The tiny tomatoes are better known as red currant tomatoes. Both sweet and tart, the flavor is intensely tomato-y. In addition to intense flavor, the tomatoes provide 4x the amount of Vitamin C in comparison to other tomatoes.


Winter Squash

I am a September baby and recently turned 35! Joe gifted me two beautiful cookbooks (BREAD TOAST CRUMBS by Alexandra Stafford and Flour by Joanne Chang). Inspired by Chang’s Super-Pumpkiny Pumpkin Pie recipe, I prepared and froze an acorn squash puree to later bake into a pie. The puree recipe is similar to a previous post for homemade pumpkin puree.